PROSPECT | REFUGE  -  by Chris Wilson

Chris is a freelance fashion/lifestyle/travel photographer and filmmaker specialising in analog works. He is based in Sydney, Australia.

"UK-born photographer Chris Wilson currently resides in Sydney after living for various periods in: England, New Zealand, Spain and New York City. He has a strong eye for capturing beauty in all things natural; from landscapes and cityscapes to the female form."

He is a regular contributor and has had his work featured by international publications such as:

Highsnobiety // What Youth Magazine // C-Heads Magazine // Spectacle by Garrett Leight // Freunde von Freunden // The Outbound Collective // The Adventure Handbook // P Magazine // Nextdoormodel Magazine // amongst others...

His previous clients include:

Epøkhe Eyewear // Highsnobiety Magazine // Garrett Leight Eyewear // Tree of Life // Kore Swim // Rachel Disalvo // Wrangler

Recent Interview with The Stables:

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